Where's Your Head Today?

Published on: 7/23/2015

Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to hang a bowling ball around your neck. Well, this is exactly what your body might be experiencing every day if you tend to a forward head posture. Your body perceives an increase of 10 lbs for every 1" your head translates forward of its neutral alignment. Take a look at the picture below and see how a forward head can affect the rest of your body’s posture.


Poor computer ergonomics, too much time on the computer, TV or video games, carrying too much in a backpack or even trauma such as whiplash injuries can be contributing factors and over time lead to a forward head posture.
Do you have forward head posture or notice stress in your upper back? As your head draws forward, the chest muscles will shorten and your upper back muscles will be put on stretch and work harder to hold the weight of the head, leading to tightness/soreness in this area.
Regular bodywork treatments can help you release those shortened, weak, tight over-contracted chest muscles and the muscles in the front of your neck. Balancing all of these areas front and back can bring the weight of your head back to a neutral normal position. Talk to your therapist and ask how he or she can help your forward head posture and alleviate your upper back/neck tension.