Letter to the Editor: Feb. 27

Published on: 2/25/2014

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Swan uses common sense,

fact-based approach

To the editor,

I have had an opportunity to work with Dave Swan as a fellow Waukesha County Supervisor for almost two years now. Supervisor Swan continues to work very hard to ensure that Waukesha County maintains its AAA bond rating and keeping our property tax rate as the lowest among counties without a county sales tax.

Supervisor Swan's voting record and what he has done to help to maintain or improve Waukesha County's services, ensuring they are delivered efficiently and effectively, is commendable. I think what sets Supervisor Dave Swan apart from many is that he uses a common-sense, fact-based approach to his problem solving.

Supervisor Dave Swan is a respected, proven and experienced leader. He is very active in his role as a County Board supervisor and community. I look forward to working with Supervisor Dave Swan for another term.

Michael A. Crowley

District 16

Waukesha County Board Supervisor