Letters to the Editor: Feb. 6

Published on: 2/4/2014

Giving his vote to Scrima

Rhetoric about negotiations for Lake Michigan water can be misleading — the truth is that Mayor Scrima helped save our city from making a very costly choice.

When Mayor Scrima took office in 2010, negotiations for procuring water from the City of Milwaukee were practically written in stone. The residents of Waukesha can be very grateful that our mayor blew the whistle on this "bad deal" and exercised his mayoral power to halt any water agreement with the City of Milwaukee.

The City of Milwaukee has repeatedly and openly stated that any water sale to Waukesha must include a "non-compete clause" for Waukesha's future business and jobs. Further, there would be additional "economic compensation" from Waukesha above and beyond the water rates.

The sad truth is that prior to Mayor Scrima taking office, water negotiations were being made on an uneven playing field — a fact that the majority of Waukesha citizens and taxpayers don't know.

Water negotiations between Waukesha and Milwaukee were being performed by:

·Milwaukee's 7 member water negotiation team, which included Milwaukee's: Mayor, Attorney, Superintendent of Water Works, Council President, Comptroller, Director of Budget, and Legislative representative.

·Waukesha's 3 member team, which included Waukesha's: Community Development Director Steve Crandell; Water Utility Manager Dan Duchniak (who doesn't even live in Waukesha) and Administrator Lori Luther (who at the time publicly admitted she has been interviewing for other jobs, and may not have to live with any decision she made.)

Essentially it was a 7 to 3 playing field and Waukesha's 3 representatives were recklessly considering this bad deal?

The plain truth is that Mayor Scrima exposed the true nature of the Milwaukee water agreement. Everyone should know this fact when it comes time to cast your vote for mayor in 2014.

We need to keep a mayor who digs into issues to find the facts.

We need to keep a mayor who doesn't agree with the majority simply to avoid conflict.

I will not speak ill against other mayoral candidates, but I will state that it would be very unwise to replace a mayor who has proven that he has the citizens' best interests at heart on all fronts.

We don't need to replace something that's not broken.

Please — make an educated vote when you vote for mayor.

Vote for Jeff Scrima and keep moving Waukesha forward!

Scott Ludtke


Business owner credits Scrima 

Letter to the editor,

What gave people from a variety of different communities a reason to drive to downtown Waukesha over the past few years?

Well that it is quite easy to say, a handful of visionaries saw the potential in the artistic buildings from the 1800s and started to restore them for shops, art galleries, restaurants and new lofts to live in.

A young new mayor held our property taxes lower than inflation, restored the roads leading to our little town, the home of Carroll University. Mayor Scrima garnered the support of our well respected Police Chief Russell Jack, Common Council, our local businesses, Carroll University, residents, volunteers and The Waukesha Freeman Newspaper to open our streets to pedestrians on Friday nights during the summer to listen to music, enjoy family time, and rediscover Wisconsin's hidden gem, Dowtown Waukesha.

Mayor Scrima organized and encouraged compromise between private sector and volunteers to keep Friday Night Lives alcohol free, streets closed for about 3 hours for the safety of pedestrians and created a magical ambiance of art and live music for thousands of people!

What other mayoral candidate will support Friday Night Lives as they stand? Many Downtown businesses would not survive without the traffic and revenues of Friday Night Lives!

Mayor Scrima encouraged volunteers to make the Waukesha Farmer's Market better than ever! Mayor Scrima gave away half his salary to charities for our community. Thank you Mayor Scrima for bringing business to the city of Waukesha and putting Waukesha back on the map!

Jim Taylor

Owner, People's Park

Mayor gives his pitch

Within both families and cities, the things we value and the choices we make together can move us forward. During the last four years, for the first time in the history of our city, we've held the tax levy flat — on average under inflation — resulting in savings to our families and businesses. We've also redirected our future Lake Michigan water source away from Milwaukee, and are now moving forward towards Oak Creek.

And we value consistency. When the citizens elected me to the Office of Mayor, they told me they wanted a non-partisan Mayor — a Mayor that didn't support someone else's political agenda, but rather focused on the work of the city. I agreed and for the last four years have repeatedly declined political invitations from both Madison and Washington. From declining invitations to Governor Walker's Christmas Parties, to passing on Congressman Ryan's visit to Carroll University, to now declining President Obama's invitation to GE, I've been consistent.

I do sincerely respect the offices of the Governor, Congressmen and President, and am willing to collaborate with Governor Walker, Congressman Ryan, and President Obama. However for them to simply stop into town for a few minutes to speak and take a picture does not seem like collaboration. While I understand and respect local citizen's various viewpoints, I have chosen to be consistent and decline all of these invitations from partisan politicians, and rather focus on the work of the city.

Together we will continue the proven positive results on the things that matter most. Together we will have a future of financial stability, affordable and clean drinking water, smooth roads, continued job growth, and more fun. For more detailed information, please see: www.scrimaformayor.com. Waukesha is not just a city; it is our home! Together we will move Waukesha forward!

Jeff Scrima

Downtown business owner cites Scrima's experience 

My parents are from the Traditionalist Generation, which makes me a Baby Boomer. While I respect the older generation, we live our lives very differently. Generation X follows my generation. Born from 1963 to 1983, Gen X-ers are characterized by having the highest volunteerism hours of any generation and they are a generation whose worldview is based on change. They campaign for human dignity, individual freedom, tolerance and human rights for all. Unlike their parents, Gen Xers are less likely to idolize leaders and are more inclined to work toward long-term institutional and systematic change. They also hold the highest education levels of any age group.

Mayor Jeff Scrima is a Gen X-er who possesses many leadership traits as listed in the article, 7 Traits of Highly Effective Leaders: inspire action, optimistic, integrity, support and facilitate work teams, confidence, communicate and decisive (Inc. magazine). He has 4 years of Mayoral experience under his belt and has done an admirable job keeping taxes flat (many home owners property taxes actually went down!), has helped to create 700 jobs, encouraged the growth of community events such as Friday Night Live, the Farmer's Market and Guitar Town, kept us from a compromising water deal with Milwaukee and attacked our infrastructure through desperately needed road repairs. See www.scrimaformayor.com for details.

There have always been challenges between generations, but eventually Gen X-ers will run our all of our cities and businesses. We have an opportunity now to work with them as we Boomers transition toward retirement. While the other candidates might do a good job (change is risky and not always best), I'm convinced that Jeff Scrima has proven experience and will continue the great work he has begun. Vote Scrima on Feb 18th.

Roger Igielski

Downtown Business Owner