How do I navigate that re-striped road?

Nov. 20, 2012

Grand Avenue just north of College Avenue was recently re-striped to designate what seems to be an unusual arrangement of lanes.

The picture below shows the southbound lane of North Grand Avenue in front of a recently built Carroll University dorm/retail building. On the left is what appears to be the main traffic lane, then there's a bike lane in the middle, then there's another lane to the right of the bike lane. So is this another traffic lane?

It's not. The lane to the right of the bike lane is a parking lane, not meant for driving.

According to Steve Kraus, a crash investigator with the Waukesha Police Department, this section of Grand Avenue is considered a single lane in each direction. There is parking along each curb, and a five-foot-wide bike lane (set about eight feet from the curb) lies between the driving lane and the parking lane.

The correct way to navigate through this stretch of roadway is to drive closer to the yellow center line, with the bike lane to the motorist's right, Kraus said. Vehicles should not drive over the bike lane unless they signal to enter one of the driveways.

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