Why did they keep digging up that intersection?

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The intersection of West Moreland Boulevard and Pewaukee Road was dug up and repaved three times within weeks.
Published on: 8/20/2013

In the middle of July, the intersection of West Moreland Boulevard and Pewaukee Road was dug up for work, then repaved. A few days later it was dug up and repaved again. Then shortly after that, it was dug up, then repaved, a third time.

So why would this same small section of pavement have to be dug up and repaved three times? Couldn't they have taken care of all the work required at the same time, to avoid having to repave the road three times?

According to Kelly Zylstra, a technical services manager with the Waukesha Water Utility, the intersection was dug up for the first time to install a new larger water main at the site, then the spot was repaved. Shortly afterward, the city received a report that water was leaking up through the pavement, and it was discovered that the new main had a break at a joint.

On July 13, a contractor dug up the spot for the second time, to fix the break, then repaved it. While the repair work was being performed, a We Energies watchdog who was there to observe noticed that a nearby high-pressure gas line needed work on the line's coating. We Energies dug up the intersection for the third time to repair the gas line, then once again repaved it.

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