Who gets a call for malfunctioning traffic signal in Waukesha?

Published on: 4/21/2014

You see a pesky traffic signal flashing red — a sure sign that it's not working correctly. You want to report it, but who do you call?

The easiest way for Waukesha residents to report a malfunctioning traffic signal is to call the City of Waukesha Department of Public Works at (262) 524-3600, said Mike Grulke, the traffic engineer for the city.

A traffic signal in Waukesha can be maintained by either the city of Waukesha, Waukesha County or the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Many of the traffic signals within Waukesha are owned and maintained by the city, Grulke said.

However, there are a few signals at intersections, mainly on the larger roadways surrounding Waukesha, that are maintained by WisDOT or Waukesha County. Typically, traffic signals on Moreland Boulevard from Manhattan Drive to Interstate 94 and on Les Paul Parkway are owned and maintained by WisDOT, Grulke said.

It can get confusing, which is why the city of Waukesha encourages residents to call the public works number to report a traffic signal malfunction, he said.

'Regardless of what traffic signal it is, either our forces will look at it or we can direct them to the right person at another agency or can even let the maintaining agency know the about the problem for them,' Grulke said.