What happens if there's a fire during a parade?

Jill Rick
Station No. 1 is typically assigned to participate in parades, due to its location downtown near the routes followed by the city’s four annual parades.
Published on: 7/23/2013

Along with marching bands and politicians, fire engines from the local fire department are a staple of most parades.

But what happens if there's a fire during a parade?

The City of Waukesha fire department has five stations, and will only commit one station at a time to a parade, according to Battalion Chief Steve Ore.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, one or more of the other four stations will respond.

If the firefighters and equipment from the parade unit are still needed, the trucks and firefighters will quietly exit a side street during the parade.

The Waukesha Fire Department typically participates in the city's Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas parades each year, and normally sends about 10-12 firefighters plus a ladder truck and a fire engine.

In addition to parade duties, the department makes hundreds of public relations appearances every year, at events like block parties and the Waukesha County Fair, Ore said.

The department also works on a standby basis at Carroll University football games to treat emergency medical needs.

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