Waukesha sheriff's detective suspended for violating 16 department rules

Published on: 6/9/2014

A Waukesha County sheriff's detective was suspended for three days last month for improperly using department property, associating with a felon, failing to work a full shift and sleeping on the job.

Detective Peter Korns served his suspension on May 15, 16 and 19 for violating a total of 16 department rules, according to a disciplinary action released by the Waukesha County Sheriffs Department on Tuesday, June 3.

According to the department:

· Korns used his work computer to research victims of his wife's alleged burglaries. He also used it for personal shopping, visiting Craigslist for several hours per shift.

· He left work early to go to a part-time job at Carroll University.

· He drove his own car, a department car and a Carroll University vehicle with an expired license.

· He left work to take his children to functions.

· He failed to properly process evidence.

· He slept on the job.

· He associated with a felon.

· He used his position to gain preferential treatment from probation officials.

· And he engaged in unbecoming conduct by divulging details of his wife's history to others and disparaging two Waukesha police officers.

Korns rebutted the allegations on April 6 in a letter to his supervisors.

He denied visiting Craigslist as often as he was accused and claimed that any searches related to steroids were for research purposes only.

However, he admitted purchasing some items from his work computer, but said he didn't know it was wrong to do so.

Korns went on to explain he was unaware of his expired license and had since renewed it.

He also denied working a side job at Carroll University, saying the allegations were "absolutely false."

Sheriff's department records show that Korns was also in contact with a woman believed to be a sexual assault victim, that he bought her coffee on one occasion, gave her gas money on another and had contacted a doctor on her behalf.

Reports indicate that Korns was warned of the woman's history of making false reports, but he didn't cease contact with her until he was ordered to do so.

Both Korns and the woman denied having any kind of sexual relationship.

Korns has been with the department for over 25 years, but an evaluation record released on June 3 stated that Korns' performance in 2014 "needed improvement."