Waukesha man sentenced to four years prison for delivering narcotics

Published on: 1/14/2014

Abrian E. Kane, accused last May of providing the heroin that killed 40-year-old Theresa Wamser, was sentenced last week to four years prison and two years extended supervision.

Kane was initially charged on May 30 in Waukesha County Circuit Court with reckless homicide by delivery of drugs, but pleaded no contest in November to the lesser offense of delivering narcotics. Kane, who was being held on a $20,000 cash bond, has already served 180 days of his sentence.

According to the criminal complaint, officers from the Waukesha Police Department were dispatched to an apartment at 1710 Elder St. on the morning of April 26, 2012, after receiving reports of a possible overdose. Wamser was found by police dead on the bathroom floor with a pillow under her head, the complaint states.

A 41-year-old roommate told police in the complaint that Kane had come over the night before and was playing cribbage with Wamser. He said that Kane had allegedly given a small amount of heroin to Wamser before leaving. He later found Wamser "nodded out" next to a syringe in the bathroom, he said in the complaint.

Kane denied providing heroin to Wamser, saying that Wamser might have stolen some off the table when he went to use the bathroom, the complaint states.

Kane was ordered to pay $3,778 in restitution as a condition of release on extended supervision.