Town of Waukesha in search of a new attorney

Published on: 12/10/2013

Town of Waukesha attorney Hector de la Mora, recently announced he is resigning amid communication issues with the town chairman.

de la Mora, who owns his own practice, de la Mora & de la Mora Attorneys At Law, with offices in Elm Grove and Hartland, will step down at the end of the month, Supervisor Joe Banske said.

As a result, Banske and Supervisor Brian Fischer recently formed a two-person committee to help select a new firm.

Banske said he doesn't want this to be a long process and expects a new attorney to be hired by the end of the year.

Chairman John Marek had looked at replacing de la Mora the first day he was in office. His choice was municipal attorney John Macy, the newly elected chairman of the Waukesha County Republican Party.

That special meeting was called off, but Banske said Macy will be one of the candidates.

Banske said de la Mora's office has represented the Town of Waukesha since 2010.