Town of Waukesha will have open-forum discussion on audit

Chairwoman wants to put rumors to rest

Feb. 26, 2013

After a very contentious Town Board meeting two weeks ago, the five-member board will reconvene Thursday at Town Hall, W250 S3567 Center Road.

The meeting, which begins at 6:30 p.m., will include an open-forum discussion on the town's audit process as well as the status and procedure of budgeting, budget amendments and other financial questions.

Town Chairwoman Angie E. Van Scyoc said its auditors, Clifton Gunderson, will review its audit that was completed a few weeks ago.

Van Scyoc said besidesherself, individuals can ask questions to the audit team, town supervisors and the clerk's staff.

"Because there's been so much controversy related to dollars spent, perhaps a million dollars or more that Angie Van Scyoc has misappropriated, those rumors will be set aside and the facts will come out," Van Scyoc said at the Feb. 14 Town Board meeting, referencing an earlier accusation John Marek, her challenger in the April 2 Town chair election, made in his campaign.

"Our work has always been exemplary here, the clerk's office has been exemplary, as has our audit team and there's no reasons to have any concerns."

A budget amendment review and budget amendment resolution, as appropriate, will also take place.

"I invite you to bring your questions, I invite you to bring your neighbors and anybody else who has any concerns about the financial work here at the Town of Waukesha or how money is being spent or how we are reporting it," Van Scyoc said. "If there are concerns I certainly understand why the constituency may have concerns with some of the representations that have been made.

"We are literally an open book at the Town of Waukesha."


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