Study on City Hall relocation to be released soon

Published on: 8/27/2013

A soon-to-be released joint study between Waukesha County and the City of Waukesha could determine if moving City Hall is best.

And if it indicates a relocation from 201 Delafield St. within the Waukesha County Courthouse, 515, W. Moreland Blvd., is needed, Mayor Jeff Scrima is all for it.

'The proximity would allow our respective departments to communicate better and create new partnerships,' Scrima said. 'Hallways could connect from City Hall with the county governing center, which would lead to long-term collaboration and better communication and efficiencies.'

Scrima said the seven-acre location, along the Fox River — between Waukesha State Bank and Northwest Barstow Street and across from the city's transit center on St. Paul Avenue — where the convention center was proposed, was previously eyed as a possible new destination for City Hall.

But Scrima said after that location was reviewed by City Administrator Ed Henschel, the idea shifted to collaborate with Waukesha County last year.

Waukesha County and the City of Waukesha hired Milwaukee-based Zimmerman Architectural Studios Inc. to conduct a future space needs building study that would help the county determine if it should renovate or build a new courthouse.

If a Waukesha City Hall addition is part of the county's future plans, Scrima said it provides benefits to city residents.

'Ultimately, it would save our taxpayers and the long-term benefit of building a new City Hall right next to the county (buildings) far outweighs doing that in another location,' Scrima said.

City Hall was built in 1966.