Primary will narrow crowded 98th Assembly race

Five on the ballot in Feb. 19 election

Feb. 12, 2013

It’s a crowded race for the 98th Assembly, filled with experienced politicians, community leaders and newcomers alike.

The primary is right around the corne, so here’s your chance to learn more about the five candidates before you vote.

They are: Ed Baumann of Pewaukee, Todd Greenwald of Pewaukee, Matt Morzy of Waukesha, Adam Neylon of Pewaukee and Jeanne Tarantino of Waukesha.

The 98th Assembly includes the Villages of Pewaukee and Sussex, the City of Pewaukee plus parts of the Town of Lisbon and City of Waukesha.

The wards in the City of Waukesha voting in the 98th Assembly primary are 1-4, 6, 9-10, 12-13, 27, 29 and 34-36.

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There are four other candidates running for office.

What separates you from the rest?

Baumann: My life’s experiences as a coach, as an adjunct professor at Marquette University, as an emergency manager for the Village of Pewaukee, and as a small business manager, I have a track record of success driving progress and delivering collaborative change to make our communities better.

Greenwald: I know what the people of the district want because I am one. I am a middle-class citizen who wants to bring my ability to get the job done on time and under budget to Madison to help the Republicans keep Wisconsin moving forward.

Morzy: My background in finance is what separates me from the other candidates. The No. 1 issue we face as a state is jobs. I have both the education and the work experience that is directly related to building the economy of our state.

Neylon: I’m a small business owner with first-hand experience creating jobs. I’ve been endorsed by several members of the state Assembly, including Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha), Rep. Mike Kuglitsch (R-New Berlin), and Rep. Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva), and worked for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner for over three years.

Tarantino: I have worked in the state Legislature, for Gov. (Scott) Walker and Lt. Gov. (Rebecca) Kleefisch, and I have helped build a successful family business. I have the most relevant experience to address the challenges facing Wisconsin. I want to ensure that Wisconsin is the place that my children and their classmates want to stay.

How will you foster workforce development, especially in Waukesha Co.?

Baumann: As a successful small-business owner, I have first-hand experience in creating jobs and helping people grow professionally. I will utilize my experience to develop a “business-first” mentality in Madison and help showcase Waukesha County and develop a vibrant and robust local job market.

Greenwald: Supporting education and making it easier for business to do business will bring the jobs to Waukesha County, as well as the rest of the great State of Wisconsin. That, combined with keeping the money in the hands of the people, will create a strong economy and still more jobs.

Morzy: I look forward to working with County Executive Dan Vrakas in order to help create jobs in Waukesha County. We can team up with local Waukesha businesses in order to prioritize what they need in order to expand, such as improving our education system in order to better train future employees.

Neylon: By facilitating skills-training initiatives and job-placement programs to place more-qualified candidates into the workforce. We should enact a system to connect skilled workers to jobs in great need from current and future employers and partner with private companies willing to invest in training programs.

Tarantino: I have been working for Gov. Walker’s administration to develop solutions to address this skills gap. I know developing a talent pool of people with the right skills is the cornerstone. As manufacturing rebounds from this deep recession communities that develop a globally competitive workforce will be the economic winners.

What can you do to improve education?

Baumann: First and foremost, I will utilize my experience and knowledge as chief of police to ensure our schools are safe and secure for teachers and students. Second, I realize that traditional colleges aren’t right for everyone. I will educate the community about the benefits of community colleges and technical institutions. I will promote school choice and home-schooling.

Greenwald: Embrace school choice, and follow the lead of school districts like Pewaukee which is continuously developing and researching new teaching techniques like the ALEKS math program. Furthermore, I support Gov. Walker’s plan to reward the hard-working teachers in Wisconsin and keep them here with some additional funding.

Morzy: Our education system needs to be focused on preparing our children for the “real world” when they leave high school. They need to have the skills in order to succeed in higher education or to get a job.

Neylon: I will support simple yet effective reforms like improving accountability by adopting proven teaching methods with a focus on higher math and science standards, investing in classrooms that reduce administrative costs and put savings back into the classrooms, and create more choice to encourage innovation by expanding educational opportunities.

Tarantino: As a mom of three school-aged children, who has been involved in their schools as a parent volunteer, I will be an advocate for advancing education reform. I will work to expand school choice and educational options for every child in our state and help close the skills gap.

How is Wisconsin “open for business?" 

What will you do to improve our state economy?

Baumann: I will aggressively champion tax reform. Wisconsin’s high corporate tax rate cripples the creation of new jobs. I will work collaboratively and across the aisle to lower taxes and stimulate the economy. I have an established network of successful small business owners who will advise me on ways to stimulate area job growth and re-establish a robust local and state-wide economy.

Greenwald: Under Gov. Walker and the Republicans the state is working to streamline the bureaucracy. The easier we can make it to do business, the more businesses will come to Wisconsin.

Morzy: I believe that the government is the main thing holding back the economy. We have too many regulations, and too many taxes and fees on our ´Ç╣businesses. I strongly support the “Right the Rules” project that is being undertaken in the Assembly. We need to create an environment that small business owners feel welcomed, and not the enemy.

Neylon: I plan to streamline the regulatory process to cut down on the bureaucratic red-tape, offer tax relief by lowering individuals and businesses, Reduce the cost of doing business in Wisconsin, enact a system to connect skilled-workers to jobs in great need and transform our education system to properly train our workforce.

Tarantino: We must reduce the cost of doing business in our state by making tax codes more competitive so companies will want to stay here. We must intensify our efforts to provide new capital opportunities for companies looking to grow or relocate their business and successfully compete in a globalized economy.

What are your opinions on the mining bill?

Baumann: I believe passing the mining bill legislation will create more jobs than any other legislation currently on the table. I will work with Gov. Walker and be his staunchest supporter and act as a change agent to help the Wisconsin economy develop and prosper.

Greenwald: I support the idea of streamlining any process that will create jobs while maintaining the beauty and preserving of our natural resources.

Morzy: I am a supporter of the mining bill, and would vote for it if I had the chance. I believe this bill does a good job in balancing out the concerns of protecting our state, with the need to create jobs for our citizens.

Neylon: I support mining legislation and believe it will create thousands of good-paying generational jobs both in northern Wisconsin and manufacturing jobs right here in the southeastern part of our state. This bill eases mining restrictions, while protecting our natural resources, and if given the chance, I will vote “yes.”

Tarantino: I believe the current bill will appropriately protect our natural resources while creating new jobs. The bill streamlines the permitting process and the reality is that businesses, including mining companies, deserve a more predictable regulatory climate.

Ed Baumann

Age: 60

Address: 1010 North Shore Drive, Pewaukee

Years of residency in the district: 21

Occupation: Chief of police, Village of Pewaukee

Education: Bachelor’s degree, St. Norbert College, 1974.

Experience: Chief of Police – Village of Pewaukee: 3/84 to Present

Family: Fiancee, Betty Unger; three sons

Todd Greenwald

Age: 40

Address: 835 Laureate Drive, Pewaukee

District residency: Over 20 years

Occupation: Project/account manager

Education: Pewaukee High School graduate, 1991; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning graduate, 1999.

Experience: I have been working in the construction and architectural industry as a project or account manager.

Family: Wife, Denise Greenwald (Tasse); 7-year-old daughter who currently attends Pewaukee Lake Elementary School

Matt Morzy

Age: 29

Address: 2321 Imperial Lane, Waukesha

District residency: Lived in Waukesha County since 2001

Occupation: Branch manager of the Brookfield office of Scottrade

Education: Bachelor’s degree, finance, Carroll University; graduating from Marquette this year with MBA with a specialty in finance

Family: Wife, Abbie

Adam Neylon

Age: 28

Address: 294 Meadowcreek Court No. 4, Pewaukee

District residency: 10 years in the neighborhood (redistricted into 98th three months ago)

Occupation: Small-business owner

Education: Graduated from Carroll University, 2008

Experience: President, Neylon Group, worked for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and Rep. Bill Kramer,

Family: Single

Jeanne Tarantino

Age: 46

Address: 204 Dairy Ave., Waukesha

District residency: 22 years

Occupation: Candidate

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Michigan State University

Experience: Project manager for Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, campaign manager and chief of staff for Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

Family: 3 children, ages 16, 15, 13


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