Newcomer looks to close gap from primary

March 26, 2013

In last month's District 1 aldermanic primary, Terry Thieme, the incumbent, clearly separated himself from his challengers, Mark Myers and John Holst, by gaining 67 percent of the vote.

Thieme, running his campaign on his involvement on the Waukesha Water Utility Commission to acquire Great Lakes water, is hoping those voters support him once again in the general election.

However, Myers, who edged Holst to earn a spot on the general election ballot, looks to close the gap between him and Thieme with goals of looking to combat school violence and redevelopment.

District 1 is on the city's far northeast side and includes Banting and Hillcrest elementary schools, Horning Middle School and the Waukesha County Communication Center.

Here is a further look at the candidates' views:

Terry Thieme

You mentioned during the primary about your involvement on the Water Utility. Expand on this involvement.

I am one of the Water Utility Commissioners. After examining all of the alternatives, I am very much in favor of obtaining Great Lakes water. This alternative was not only the cheapest but the longest term and most sustainable source. Remember, doing nothing is not an option. Either way, we need to find an alternative source.

The point we want to remember is that we only want to do this once. We don't want to have to spend this kind of money and then have to have our children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren have to deal with this again.

What other notable actions are you most proud of during your time as alderman?

Besides the water, I'm most proud of having the chance to vote and keep the drug K2 out of our stores. Along with that, I'm glad we are keeping our school resource officers in our high schools.

The budgets are also a continuing concern. Although there is always vigorous debate, I'm proud to say the council as a whole has done a great job in keeping it in check.

What can constituents in District 1 expect from you if elected?

I am a very passionate person and believe in vigorously representing the citizens in my district to the best of my ability. I also realize that some will be happy with decisions that are made but also that others will not.

You mentioned during the primary an ongoing issue is the maintenance of the medians on Highway 18 along with the terraces. Can you expand on this?

Our city administrator has had several meetings with Waukesha County officials. I think that there is value in collaboration to try and find solutions to problems. It's a win for everyone but most of all, the taxpayers we represent.

Mark Myers

You said during the primary more research needs to be done to find the best solution on the water negotiations, including collaborating with other states. Talk about this idea.

To the best of my understanding, a final decision was not made prior to the primary. I agree that Oak Creek is a viable option and probably the best one. However, conservation is also key. It's our responsibility to sustain our resources and keep this Earth spinning for our children and theirs. In our green world, we could certainly have some incentives for homeowners or rental property owners to install water saving and Earth-friendly options such as low-flow toilets and shower heads.

Your opponent won the primary by a large margin. How can you close this gap?

I think people go with what they know. Terry Thieme is known and I am not. Mr. Thieme is a stand-up guy and has done a great job but I think some new ideas from new people are valuable.

I believe my biggest assets are that I am a Christian family man who is not a career politician. I live, work and have a business in this community and I want to help make it better.

You said during the primary you couldn't sit by watch while "our city fails" and you addressed empty buildings. Can you offer some examples?

The new Woodman's is going to be a huge boon to the City of Waukesha. Unfortunately, the old Walmart, Sentry and other buildings in that general vicinity are empty.

I would like to see that whole area full of job producing, revenue-building businesses in those spots. Additionally, we have a large special needs population and wouldn't it be nice if we could incorporate an alternatively run shop or gathering place in one of those empty spaces?

You also said the biggest issue you would tackle is violence in schools. What would you do to address this?

This issue affects us all, whether we have children in schools or not. There are many options available but it is extremely important to make school a safe place to learn and grow.

I would talk with (teachers) and get the lay of the land. Perhaps it would be something like teachers and administration having walkie-talkies, or maybe an additional safety officer. Safety and children are my top priority and I'm open to hearing from the professionals that see them and work with them every day.

Terry Thieme

Age: 56

Address: 1712 Stardust Drive

Years in the district: 21

Occupation: Team coordinator, Kohl's Credit Center

Education: Waukesha County Technical College, associate degree; Mount Senario College, bachelor's degree

Previous political experience or other related experience: Was appointed alderman in District 1 in 2008; Was selected District 1 alderman in 2009; Retired police officer, City of Waukesha and also served the communities of the City of Jefferson and Town of Beloit

Military experience: Served in the United States Marine Corps from 1976 to 1990; Lifetime member of VFW Post 3589

Family: Wife (Karen), three adult children

Contact information (phone number, email): (262) 524-1627,

Mark Myers

Age: 44

Address: 1922 Ruben Drive

Years in the district: 6

Occupation: Non-denominational pastor/special education para-educator

Education: Masters in biblical studies in 2012 from Midwest Bible College in Milwaukee; enrolled in the Doctorate of Theology program at Grace Seminary in Milwaukee

Previous political experience or other related experience: No political experience; ministers to the homeless at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission

Military experience: None

Family: Wife (Randi) and two teenage children

Contact information: (414) 731-5225,


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