Man possibly on drugs runs from Waukesha police, makes animal noises

Published on: 1/7/2014

City of Waukesha — Charges are being sought against a man who led police on a chase last week. Capt. Ron Oremus said police were dispatched on a report of a suspicious man in the 1500 block of Swartz Drive around 11 p.m. Jan. 3.

According to the dispatch log, callers said the man was laying in the street at one point and then running toward houses screaming. Oremus said the man got in a vehicle and took off on Grandview Boulevard heading north. He said police began pursuit chasing the man at speeds of up to 80 mph. The man exited to I-94 and Oremus said he lost control of his vehicle and went into a ditch.

Waukesha Police and Waukesha County Sheriff's officers chased the man who exited his car and started running.

"When police caught up with him, he was acting very strange and making animal noises," Oremus said.

Police eventually had to use a Taser and counter measures on the man to subdue him and handcuff him. They believe the man may have been under the influence of marijuana laced with PCP. Police took the man to the hospital because they had concerns about his health.