Live, Love, Waukesha website acts as central hub for downtown events

Waukesha GuitarTown T-Shirts with the words “Live Love Waukesha” were passed out at the gala June 6. They were designed by local artist Jeff Seymour and now is a new website for Waukesha events.
Published on: 8/20/2013

At the Waukesha GuitarTown festivities in June, banners welcoming individuals into The Rotunda had the phrase 'Live, Love, Waukesha' on it.

When guests left for the evening, they received T-shirts that had the same logo on it. Some downtown business owners have been seen since with the shirts that also have frames of guitars at the top and bottom of the logo.

The logo has now been transformed into a recently launched website,

The website was designed by Scott Ludtke, a web developer from Waukesha. The 'Live, Love, Waukesha' logo was originally designed by local artist and developer Jeff Seymour before the GuitarTown festivities. Seymour also designed the Waukesha GuitarTown logo last year.

It makes sense Ludtke designed the site since he created all of the separate sites — Friday Night Live, Waukesha Farmers' Market, Waukesha GuitarTown, the Art Crawls and the Silver Bells in Waukesha — connected to

Ludtke said with the downtown Waukesha Business Improvement District disbanding earlier this year, Mayor Jeff Scrima asked him to create a 'central hub for all events happening in downtown Waukesha throughout the year.'

He said he didn't charge the Waukesha Downtown Business Association or anyone for the site because of his love for Waukesha.

Besides the individual websites on the left side of the site, it features a prominent photo of Friday Night Live, the summer concert series in downtown. He'll also continue to add downtown events to the site.

Ludtke said there are talks of adding a business page to the site but it's unclear if all downtown businesses would be profiled or if businesses affiliated with the Waukesha Downtown Business Association will just be there.

'It's still up in the air and we have to go through some legal issues,' said Ludtke, who builds websites for businesses locally and around the state. The old BID website previously listed a calendar of events and business profiles.

Ludtke hopes the new site attracts more people to downtown which has recently seen the addition of GuitarTown murals and 10-foot Les Paul guitars. He said he hopes the logo could be a new downtown initiative.