Krumins challenges Jankowski in District 6

March 26, 2013

The Common Council chose Adam Jankowski over Marga Krumins when it was looking to fill the vacated aldermanic District 6 seat last summer after the death of Alderman Brian White.

Jankowski's seat is up and he's seeing a familiar name challenge him once again: Krumins.

She's familiar with elections as after being passed over by Jankowski on the city level, she lost to Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) for the District 97 Assembly seat four months later.

District 6 is southwest of downtown and includes Waukesha STEM Academy's Saratoga Campus and Prairie Home Cemetery on the east side, the Public Works Department Garage, Recycling Center and Fire Station No. 3 in the central part and Pebble Creek Park on the far west side of the district.

Waukesha NOW asked each candidate a few questions leading up the election.

Adam Jankowski

You've been an alderman for just under a year. What's your biggest asset to the council?

I'm the new guy. I am new to the city and new to the council. This gives me the ability to look at situations from a new perspective. My background also gives me a unique insight in some situations: Army veteran, mechanic, welder, computer repairman. All these experiences provide me with the ability to look critically and fix an issue.

What would be your goals for the next three years if elected?

Find ways to be fiscally responsible for the people of Waukesha. I know a referral has been made to the city administrator to look into applying lean techniques to departments, but that isn't the only way to save money. There is money saving potential in subcontracting city services, but if these avenues are not explored, then the citizens of Waukesha will never know about the potential savings that could be gained. Another goal would be to find and secure additional funding for road repair and replacement. An influx of money from a state and federal level would allow the city to repair and repave more roads per construction season.

Where can this city do better and how would you help in this effort?

We need to be fiscally responsible to our citizens. We need to evaluate where the money is being spent and look for ways to save money. Can the city subcontract services and save money? Can we identify a task that is repeated wide scale and figure out a way to make it more efficient? Are we getting the best deal? I will help by asking these questions, and others like it.

Talk about your district and the top issues people want to see addressed.

"What is going on with the water?" and "when is my road getting fixed?" As for the roads, we need money. I will contact both the state and federal representatives in an attempt to secure money to help pave the roads here in Waukesha. There is nothing worse than driving around the city avoiding potholes.

Marga Krumins

You came up short for the position last year. What are your reasons for seeking it once again?

I've been involved politically here for the past several years, because I want to make a difference where I live. My reasons for seeking the position now are the same as they were back then. I think I have a better grasp of the issues facing this city, including their history, and am much more aware of what people in this district's neighborhoods need from their representative.

What would you bring to the council if elected?

I bring the outlook of a person who, even as I am passionate about my own, can see multiple perspectives and let my own be informed by people I talk to. I tend to be a person who brings people together, seeing ways in which strongly held positions can be reconciled. I tend to listen for what people really need and then craft solutions that meet those needs.

What will be your main goals for the next three years?

In the context of keeping our property taxes no higher than they are now, restoring the condition of our infrastructure, especially our streets; bringing family-supporting jobs into the city; reversing the trend of increased crime in our district; and focusing on redeveloping existing properties instead of opening up new areas for development in support of these goals.

In your district, what is the top issue you would help address?

Although the most frequently mentioned concern people have in this district is getting rid of our overly abundant potholes, it's not the one people are most deeply concerned about. Our sense of safety and with it our neighborhoods' home values, are being directly challenged by crime; for example, the areas south of College Avenue all the way down into the Fox Point residential neighborhoods. I want to look into the possibility of moving mobile command posts around through our neighborhoods on a seemingly random schedule, with our police working out of those command posts. I would also work to bring more jobs into the city and diversify our neighborhoods.

Adam Jankowski

Age: 32

Address: 114 Hinman Ave.

Years of residency in the district: Almost 2 years

Occupation: PC technician

Education: Associate degree in welding; In school for B.S. in Information systems

Previous political experience or other related experience: Nine months as alderman for Waukesha

Military experience: Served four years active duty in the Army with 18th Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, N.C. Deployed to Iraq for 14 months

Family: Married for seven years to Amanda with 5-year-old twins

Contact information (phone number, email): (262) 443-5142,

Marga Krumins


Address: 321 Harrison Ave.

Years of residency in the district: 3

Occupation: Software developer

Education: B.S. in liberal studies, A.A.S CIS: programmer/analyst, and A.A.S CIS: network engineer

Previous political experience or other related experience: Democratic Party of Wisconsin Women's Caucus-associate chairman; Northcentral Technical College student chapter, Association of Information Technology Professionals - secretary, then president; NTC Advisory Board student representative

Military experience: U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserve

Family: Divorced, no children

Contact information: (262) 349-2369,


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