Is this thing legal?

Nov. 14, 2012

Earlier this month, a billboard on wheels was parked on Grandview Boulevard across the street from the GE Healthcare campus. So is it legal to just park a billboard anywhere?

A billboard like this could potentially violate either parking or sign ordinances; both types of ordinances are set by individual municipalities. This billboard was parked in the City of Waukesha, and so would fall under that city's ordinances.

According to Waukesha Police Department Sgt. Jerry Habanek, the sign is a vehicle and can be parked anywhere a vehicle can legally park. There are no "No Parking" signs posted on that stretch of Grandview, so it can be assumed that the billboard didn't break any parking rules.

The city's sign ordinance does prohibit "portable signs," so it would seem that this sign would violate that ordinance. However, according to City Planner Jennifer Andrews, the citygenerally considers something a portable sign only if it's parked or placed in one location for an extended period (at least a week).

Otherwise, it's not that much different from a truck with a business name on it, which is permitted to drive around and park wherever it legally can, while at the same time advertising that business.

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