Perry or Krivos will replace Hastings as new alderman on Waukesha's southwest side

March 26, 2013

A fresh face will be on the Common Council next week.

Two newcomers - Aaron Perry and Gary Krivos - are running for the District 12 aldermanic seat that is being vacated by Alderman Richard Hastings, who is not seeking re-election.

This is the second year the district is having an election. The district is the southernmost in the City of Waukesha and includes Waukesha West High School, River Valley Park and River's Crossing Park.

Hastings won re-election last year after being appointed to the council in 2011 after the district's former alderman, Charles Lichtie, departed one year into his three-year term.

The candidates looking to replace Hastings don't have any experience in the political spectrum but both feel they are most connected to the city and district.

Krivos is known for his work as a downtown business owner, while Perry has introduced himself through many social media outlets. His campaign has revolved around being the "connected candidate."

Waukesha NOW caught up with the two before the April 2 election.

Why should people vote for you?

Perry: I am a true conservative representative of the residents of District 12. My passion for serving our great community with my common-sense decision making and business knowledge make me a great fit for this role in city government. I would bring to the council a fresh set of eyes and a direct communication style that cuts through the red tape that government sometimes has. Being a father of two boys who will grow up in Waukesha, I have a vested interest in ensuring our community stays safe and profitable.

Krivos: Voters should choose me if they want an ethical candidate with common sense thatunderstands the need to find consensus on issues andunderstand that we are all neighbors in this community of Waukesha, whether we are homeowners, property owners or business people.

What's the top issue you would tackle in the city if elected and how would you address it?

Perry: The top issue in Waukesha is the purchase of water from Lake Michigan. I support the solution already in process but feel urgency for Plan B is important. I would work with others in city government to work on the most cost effective way to provide residents with clean water should the application for Lake Michigan water be denied. Completing a solution by the 2018 deadline will require community leaders who have effective communication skills and a connected view of residents' feelings.

Krivos: Creating a positive image of Waukesha like the ones that existed when it was known for water from springs. Create an image not for the benefit of a few people or one area of town, but the city as a whole.

What do people in District 12 want to see addressed and how would you solve this?

Perry: In District 12, I would address the fire response time issue by working to get Station No. 3 relocated closer to the district, most likely on the land off Oakdale Drive. This is an issue on the minds of residents as I've seen going door to door. This is an issue of safety and making sure the residents of this area of the city are represented fairly in regards to services provided by the Fire Department.

Krivos: I would think they would want to see the water issue finally resolved for the long term. I would continue the process in attaining a clean sustainable source of water at a reasonable cost to insure the future growth and viability of the community as a whole.

I would hope they also would want to see less drama between rivals, whether in political office or in the business areas, to reflect the Waukesha that drew me to move back here a second time, a Waukesha with its best days ahead.

Aaron Perry

Age: 32

Address: 912 Valley Hill Drive

Years of residency in the district: 3.5

Occupation: Advertising account manager, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Education: Mayer Lutheran High School (Minn.)

Previous political experience or other related experience: None

Military experience: None

Family: Wife Angela, married 2007. Son Landon, 18 months and Jackson, 4 months.

Contact information (phone number, email): (414) 795-0990,

Gary Krivos

Age: 59

Address: 1058 River Place Blvd.

Years of residency in the district: 7

Occupation: Business owner of Key Westconsin Restaurant in downtown Waukesha

Education: Graduate of Marquette University Theology, employee assistance professional at Western Michigan University

Previous political experience or other related experience: Fox Valley Merchants Association in Aurora, Ill., and a former member of the Waukesha Downtown Business Association and a member of the Central City Master Plan Downtown Implementation Committee

Military experience: None

Family: Wife Rita, married 37 years; two adult sons, Daniel and Matthew

Contact information: (262) 446-0276,


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