Clean up costs from June 30 storm add for Waukesha

City of Waukesha Forestry workers cut down branches on Wednesday, July 30 after a storm brought down an ash tree on a ranch home in the 300 block of North Greenmeadow Drive.
Published on: 8/4/2014

Some city officials called it one of the worst storms Waukesha has seen in decades.

Now, the city has the cost figures from that devastating June 30 storm which wiped out power throughout the city and left trees down and blocking many roadways.

According to a memo from Waukesha Administrator Ed Henschel, the cost of the storm totaled about $82,390. The highest expense was for Department of Public Works labor at about $27,130.

The city spent close to $18,000 on tree loss as Henschel's memo notes that it costs $195 per tree and labor. The next highest expense ($16,150) was for equipment usage for the DPW.

The cost of the damage for the Bethesda Park restroom facility totaled $8,190. Overtime expenses for the city's Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department totaled about $4,900.

Other expenses included Waste Water Plant storm related wages ($3,570) and DPW fuel ($3,900).

Henschel said the cleanup for that storm has been completed, with the exception of some tree stump removal and sidewalk/curb repairs. Henschel said these will take 'some time' since the city needs to have Diggers Hotline mark them first.

The city once again saw damaging storms last week in the city that resulted in fallen tree branches and, in at least one case, an uprooted tree.

An ash tree was completely uprooted near the curb and fell onto a ranch home in the 300 block of N. Greenmeadow Drive, just east of Waukesha North High School.

Last week's sudden storm, which only later resulted in a severe thunderstorm warning being issued, produced a freight-train like roar as it barreled through the area not far from Lowell Park.