Court Actions

Jan. 14, 2009

The convictions listed below come straight from the records of Lake Country Municipal Court, Pewaukee Municipal Court or city of Pewaukee Municipal Court. To the best of our knowledge, each case is new and distinct. Any repetition of the same conviction is caused by municipal court offices and is not the fault of this newspaper. The convictions are for fines of $100 and greater. Our goal is to publish convictions within about three months of the court date.

Stacie L. Aitchison, 25, operating after revocation, $109; Mark R. Bjerke, speedometer, $102; Aaron B. Burnside, 19, underage alcohol, $398.

Elizabeth Anne Casarrubias, 23, open intoxicants in vehicle, $172; Tricia L. Descristofaro, 30, speeding, $109; Simon E. Garcia, 54, speeding, $109.

Angel I. Gonzalez, 28, speeding, $134.20; Bianca E. Guglaitto, 29, operating without a valid driver’s license, $109 and operating after revocation/suspension, $109; Angela K. Hendrickson, 29, speeding, $109.

Michael L. Jakus, 35, disorderly conduct, $121.60; Sandra D. Jordan, speeding, $109; Andrew T. Kehoss, 31, disorderly conduct, $266.

Susan M. McMillian, 42, disorderly conduct, $182 and theft, $308; Jacqueline Lee McNeiley, 21, speeding, $118.80 and operating while suspended, $427.50; Nancy C. McPherson, 59, speeding, $109.

Nathan G. Moersfelder, 20, speeding, $134.20; Adam M. Nigh, 27, operating motor vehicle while suspended, $172; Sean P. Oconnor, 37, disorderly conduct, $134.20.

John K. Penzkover, 23, operating while suspended, $109; Sean T. Plymesser, 31, disorderly conduct, $172; Scott R. Podjaski, 22, operating while intoxicated/drugs, $789.

Benjamin J. Rempe, 31, possession of marijuana, $171; Angelica Rodriguez, 38, operating without a valid driver’s license, $109; Robert L. Rohloff, 40, improper signal for stop/turn.

Scott J. Russell, 40, issuance of worthless checks, two violations, $497 and $339; Marcella M. Selberg, 41, speeding, $134.30; Andrew D. Strasser, 22, speeding, $109.

Wendy J. Taylor, 38, speeding, $109; Jean L. Tormey, 55, speeding, $109; Erik J. Vaklyes, 23, impeding traffic, $134.20.

Julio C. Vega Hernandez, 24, open intoxicants in motor vehicle, $172; Garold J. Wollenberg, 36, speeding, $109; Benjamin I. Zehnpfennig, 19, speeding.


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