Milwaukee man accused of threatening girlfriend's family in Waukesha

Published on: 8/12/2014

A 23-year-old Milwaukee man, with a history of violent behavior, allegedly threatened to kill several members of his girlfriend's family and smashed a windshield with his fists.

Earskine Chapman, who is not yet in custody, was charged on Friday, Aug. 8, in Waukesha County Circuit Court with disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property and battery to a family member of a witness — all repeat offenses.

Chapman faces up to nearly seven years in prison and $21,000 in fines if convicted.

According to the criminal complaint, Chapman became upset when his girlfriend's mother tried to kick him out of her house at 412 W. College Ave. on July 19.

Chapman reportedly flew into a rage and began throwing various items around the room, shoved the woman and her other, pregnant daughter, then punched that woman's husband when he tried to force Chapman to go.

Chapman eventually left the residence, but not before nearly shattering a car windshield with his bare hands and promising to bring his gun back to the house and kill everyone there, according to the complaint.

Chapman allegedly fled the scene before police arrived, and court records indicate that a $5,000 warrant was issued for his arrest.

No court date will be set for Chapman until he is in police custody.