What is the law governing cars in bike lanes?

Published on: 5/23/2014

We've all seen them. The strange-looking bicycle rider markings plastered outside your passenger window denoting a bicycle lane.

As more bike lanes continue to pop up throughout Waukesha, it poses the questions: What exactly is the law when it comes to bike lanes? Is there ever a legal time for drivers to use bike lanes?

That answer is detailed in Wisconsin's state statute, said Waukesha Chief of Police Russell Jack.

Most of the time it's illegal for vehicles to enter a bike lane; however, there are a few exceptions.

According to the statute, "No operator of a motor vehicle may drive upon a bicycle lane or bicycle way except to enter a driveway, to merge into a bicycle lane before turning at an intersection, or to enter or leave a parking space located adjacent to the bicycle lane or bicycle way."

The statute also says that people who are operating a vehicle in a bicycle lane must give bikes and mobility devices the right of way.

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