Laundry schedule dispute becomes threatening inside Waukesha apartment

Published on: 4/24/2014

A routine laundry visit quickly escalated between two women in Waukesha that required police intervention. 

According to the police log, a caller said she was threatened at 1:14 p.m. April 16 by her neighbor over the use of the laundry room in their apartment unit at 817 E. Main St.

The caller said the neighbor threatened to shoot her because she was doing laundry on the neighbor's wash day.  

Police advised the women to follow their laundry room schedules and to avoid contact with each other to prevent future disputes. 

Another strange police incident came when police were called at 11:20 a.m. April 17 to the Waukesha Public Library, 321 Wisconsin Ave., for a man and woman arguing over vaccinating their infant. 

According to the police log, a lot of profanity was being used in the children's area of the library. 

The couple told police that the library is their meeting place for the child's visitation.

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