Town of Waukesha clerk-treasurer abruptly resigns after just one month

Published on: 3/17/2014

For the second time in three months the Town of Waukesha is in search of a clerk-treasurer.

Clerk-treasurer Jeanne O’Brien's resignation Friday comes just one month after being hired by the Town Board.

She replaced former clerk-treasurer Jamie Salentine, who resigned at the end of 2013.

O'Brien informed the Town board members in an email on Friday afternoon that her resignation would be effective immediately. She did not give a specific reason for her departure.

"I would like to thank the Town Board for allowing me to serve the residents of the Town of Waukesha," she wrote in an email to the board at 4:01 p.m. Friday. "Please consider this my formal resignation."

O'Brien said "it was a great interim position, which I fulfilled to the best of my abilities, and I wish you all the best."

"It is my hope the Town Board members will serve the Town of Waukesha residents to the best of their abilities and as a united front."

Before her one-month stint with the town, O'Brien was formerly a part-time clerk with the Village of Eagle for three years. She also previously worked as a deputy clerk/treasurer for the City of Delafield and Town of Ottawa for a total of 16 years of municipal experience.

In addition to the once again vacant clerk-treasurer’s position, the town also recently saw its deputy clerk, Molly Roamer resign. She stepped down at the end of February.

With an election nearing in the Town of Waukesha on April 1, Town Chairman John Marek had said when O’Brien was hired in February it was imperative to have its entire staff in place.

But with the election just two weeks away the town’s staff is now down to just Clerk-Treasurer Eryn Baudo.

To address the clerk-treasurer vacancy, the Town of Waukesha has scheduled a special board meeting at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning at Town Hall.

In addition to the instability at Town Hall, the town's auditing firm and attorney also recently resigned. The town, however, has since filled those positions.