Will that dead-end road by Culver's ever go through?

Kirsten Klahn
The dead-end road near Woodman’s will remain a dead-end road.
Published on: 2/26/2014

There's a dead-end road near the new Woodman's that just begs for an answer to the question: Are there plans for the private road ever be connected to Les Paul Parkway?

In a word, no, said James Hyland, vice president of investor relations and corporate communications for Milwaukee-based Roundy's.

The indiscriminate road, near 1650 E. Main St., is owned by Roundy's Inc., management company for the Pick 'n Save chain of grocery stores. There is a Pick 'n Save adjacent to Woodman's Food Market.

Pick 'n Save can't build on the property even if it wanted to, Hyland said, because the company "does not control or own any of the property south of the private drive," Hyland said.

However, Woodman's is eager to get its hands on the dead-end road.

The Janesville-based supermarket has been trying to get ownership of the private drive from Roundy's since Woodman's purchased the site in 2012, according to a Woodman's representative.

The company would like to do something with the road that currently leads to nowhere, the representative said, but it has been unable to obtain the road from its competitor.

For its part, the City of Waukesha doesn't plan to do anything with the road either, because it's private property, said City Planner Jennifer Andrews.