What's happening with the Hobby Lobby at Shoppes at Fox River?

Published on: 2/4/2014

With Hobby Lobby's religious objections to the Affordable Care Act, a case that is now in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, there is speculation that it may begin to close some of its stores.

The Green family — owners of Hobby Lobby — object to the federal health care mandate that will force them to offer life-terminating drugs through their employee health plans, something that goes against the morals of the deeply religious owners.

That poses the question: Will Hobby Lobby's objections to Obamacare put the brakes on its proposed store at Waukesha's The Shoppes at Fox River?

That's not the case, said Randy Betts, Hobby Lobby's senior vice president of store operations. In fact, he said, the company has no plans to delay or close any of its proposed or current stores.

While unable to pinpoint a construction start date, Betts said the store, which will be the first in the Milwaukee metro area, will be 55,000-square-feet and is in the final phase of build-out for The Shoppes at Fox River, 1200 W. Sunset Drive.

Hobby Lobby is also looking to hire for its Waukesha store. Full-time employees can expect $14 per hour and part-time employees can anticipate $9.59 an hour.