Laska won't seek re-election as a Town of Waukesha supervisor

Published on: 12/27/2013

After years of serving the Town of Waukesha in various capacities, Supervisor Mike Laska will step down after his term is up in the spring. 

He was going to file noncandidacy papers today at Town Hall.

"I will not seek re-election," he wrote in an email Friday afternoon. "I thank my supporters for all their support over the years. It was very gratifying to be able to serve our community."   

In an email, he cited many reasons for not running again. Among them was the constant discord and "personal attacks" from Town Board members toward him. 

Laska was a volunteer firefighter for 11 years in the town and was also the town chairman at one point before serving as supervisor. 

"In all cases my decision was out of heartfelt concern for the direction, future and safety of the town," Laska said. 

Laska also cited his disappointment in the town losing its attorney, auditor and clerk-treasurer. All recently resigned

And over the past year, newly-elected Chairman John Marek has tried to remove the use of allowing supervisors to attend meetings via videoconferencing.

More specifically, however, he wanted to stop Laska from using Skype to tune into meetings while he is at his vacation home in Texas during the winter months. 

Marek called the town "the laughingstock" for allowing the use of videoconferencing and that supervisors should be physically present during meetings. 

Despite Marek's objection, the board, in a 3-2 vote, approved the continued use of videoconferencing for supervisors who are unable to attend meetings at Town Hall.

Marek has also clashed with Laska over the Town Hall's septic tank issue.

Laska has been coordinating the project with engineer Christopher Genellie into how to correct the Town Hall's septic tank problems.  

Marek, however, has continually looked at removing Laska from the project for Supervisor Brian Fischer. But with Supervisors Joe Banske and Larry Wolf giving him the support, Marek's removal request has been shot down. 

Earlier this fall, Laska, while not defeated, appeared to be growing tired of having to defend himself against Marek.

"If there's any way to throw shots at me it happens," Laska said. "It's the greed and it will just get more volatile."