Waukesha man charged with punching 26-weeks pregnant girlfriend

Published on: 12/24/2013

A 21-year-old Waukesha man has been accused of punching his pregnant girlfriend in the face and threatening to kill her and her children if she did not return to their shared apartment in the 2000 block of Kensington Drive.

The man, who will not be named to protect the victim's identity, was charged on Tuesday, Dec. 17 in Waukesha County Circuit Court with false imprisonment, misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct, all repeater offenses.

According to the criminal complaint, Waukesha City Police was dispatched shortly after midnight on Saturday, Dec. 14 to the 2000 block of Kensington Drive to investigate a domestic disturbance.

A witness who wished to remain anonymous told dispatch in the complaint that he heard a man shout: "If you don't come back here in five minutes, I'll kill you and your kid."

He said he saw the man punch a woman and drag her back into an apartment building across the street, the complaint states.

The woman told the officer in the complaint that nothing was wrong and that she did not wish to press charges. The officer noted the woman had large bruises on her neck and arms and the woman said she was 26-weeks pregnant and not feeling well. She was transported by ambulance to Waukesha Memorial Hospital for treatment, the complaint states.

The man exited the apartment and was placed under arrest.

The woman told police at the hospital that she was afraid to speak to them because of what the man might do, according to the complaint. Pressed for details, she said that the man had grabbed her by her arms and tried to "rip her face off" while her three children sat in the living room.

She said she tried to escape, but the man threatened to kill her and her kids if she did not come back. She came back, and he dragged her back into the apartment, the complaint states.

The man could face up to 15 years in prison and $21,000 in fines if convicted.

He is currently being held at Waukesha County Jail on a $2,000 cash bond, according to court records.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 3.