Dunkin' Donuts in Town of Waukesha denied rezone request

Published on: 7/16/2013

After years of debate a proposed Walgreens and Aldi store at Highway X and Sunset Drive were approved by the Town of Waukesha Board last week.

However, the future of a proposed Dunkin' Donuts also on Sunset Drive is still unsure.

Following last week's Town Board meeting, Town Chairman John Marek said residents and officials made arrangements with the developer of the Walgreens that the store's pharmacy drive-through would be allowed to have 24/7 operations to aid with emergency needs for prescriptions.

The developer said he would be in touch with Walgreens corporate regarding the drive-through restriction. No timeline has been set for construction.

Dunkin' Donuts

A rezone request from Dunkin' Donuts to allow for a drive-through at the business was unanimously denied by the Plan Commission before the Town Board meeting.

Marek said safety and traffic concerns remained leading to the denial, but he said the issue remains that drive-throughs are not allowed in the area.

"We have the liability of others requesting a drive-through previously and not getting one," said Marek.

The Dunkin' Donuts representative was not at the meeting, the property manager spoke on behalf of them saying they were experiencing "deal fatigue." Marek said it was likely the fatigue was over seeking approval for the development over the last few years under a different Town Board.

However, he added that the developer should have known the drive-through restrictions were always in place.

"They did not do their due diligence, or thought they would get by. If they have deal fatigue I'm not sure you can place that on our shoulders," said Marek.

He said the town would welcome a drive-through development in the town where the restriction does not exist.