Writing contest winners display creativity for elementary school students

April 2, 2013

Students demonstrated their storytelling abilities in the annual Waukesha NOW writing contest. This year, students had to tell a story based on one of three photos.

Following are the stories and the three winners in each category.

First place winner

Julia Pockat (I thought that this picture looked like an islander talking to the clouds. This is the story I put with it. )

Summit View Elementary, grade 5

Writing Contest Picture A: "Cloud controller"

Once a small island named Lee was home to a very special lady. In the villages they called her the "Cloud controller" because she could control the weather by telling the clouds to send rain down or to go away. She always listened to the farmers so that she knows to ask for either rain or sunshine. Lee had very thick rainforests at certain parts and the villagers always go for hikes in them. One day the "Cloud controller" went for a hike in one of the rainforests with some villagers. But the rainforest that she decided to go in was no ordinary rainforest. It was home to creatures that you usually would only see in movies like giants, ghouls and fairies - good and evil. She met a fairy one day while hiking in the rainforest, but the fairy was not a good fairy, it was an evil fairy. The evil fairy corrupted the "Cloud controller." When the farmers came the next day they asked for rain. She gave them rain. The clouds turned black. The clouds rained so hard that it sunk the island of Lee into the sea with the villagers, and the "Cloud controller." After that the island of Lee was never seen again. But if you go close to the sunken ruins of Lee you can hear the voices of the villagers and the "Cloud controller."

Second place winner

Rafael Rivera, age 10

Heyer Elementary School, grade 4

Writing Contest Picture A: Lake Bug Monster

Once again, there was a dirty lake! Everybody said that in that lake there was a Lake Bug Monster. In the full moon, the Lake Bug Monster came to life. A little kid Wizard named Anthony went to the lake and saw the real Lake Bug Monster. Wizard Anthony gave him the power to go to the sun without hurting himself.

The Lake Bug Monster had this magical stick that turns people into evil ugly monsters! Every day he got more and more powerful and the Lake Bug Monster was going to turn all the people into evil, ugly, monsters to take over the world. The Lake Bug Monster asked Anthony the Wizard if the Lake Bug Monster could turn into a person. "NO!," said Wizard Anthony. If you want to be a person you need to talk to Marcus about that. Who's Marcus? The Lake Bug Monster said Marcus was an even more powerful Wizard.

Twenty years went by and the Lake Bug Monster had long hair and was not so powerful anymore. Wizard Anthony moved to Chicago. The Lake Bug Monster was so brave that he went to talk to Marcus about wanting to be a person so he can take over the world forever. Marcus said "Ok, but only if you make a hole on the ground that's in front of the park because my powers are hiding there and I want them back. Then, I will turn you into a person." "Yes Marcus, I will do that," said the Lake Bug Monster.

And so, the Lake Bug Monster made a hole in the ground but the Lake Bug Monster turned so weird... BOOM! For no reason, he exploded and all the ugly monster people turned to folks again and they lived happily ever after.

The End

Third place winner

Alexis Comstock

Hawthorne Elementary School, grade 4

Writing Contest Picture B: Candace Got Dehydrated

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Candace who was going on a walk to the park. She had to walk across a railroad track. She didn't see a train on the first railroad, so she went across. She didn't see a train on the second railroad, so she went across. After she went across the second railroad track, she stopped to take a break. She had a water bottle in her backpack. She sat down on a bench to get her water bottle out of her backpack she looked back at the railroad tracks. She saw her water bottle stuck on one of the railroad tracks. She panicked! That was the only bottle of water she had with her at the moment and there was no drinking fountain anywhere around her. She went on the railroad track making sure there was no train coming her way. She tried to get her water bottle out of the track but she couldn't get the bottle to come out. It was stuck. Then all of a sudden she heard a train about to come on one of the tracks. She just now realized that it was the track that she was standing on because her feet were vibrating like crazy. She ran off the track really fast and sat back on the bench and watched. She was scared that her water bottle might get squished by the train and then she would be really hot and sweaty. She watched and watched and watched, but the train that she heard coming apparently was on the other side of the tracks. She went on the track that had her water bottle on it and got it out. She was happy. She drank some water and felt a lot better. She went to the park and had a great time.


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