What is that brown tower?

March 26, 2013

Behind Famous Dave's restaurant on Moreland Boulevard, visible from the road, stands a tall, brown wooden structure that looks almost like someone constructed a building around a cell tower.

That's not exactly the case. There is a tower inside, but it's not a cell tower; instead, it's a microwave communications tower that was once used by AT&T. The tower, a small building attached to it, and the technology inside are no longer in use.

While it looks like the tower is in the Famous Dave's parking lot, it is actually part of the piece of property located at 2140 Davidson Road. That property contains a 55,000-square-foot building once used as an AT&T call center that is now home to Carroll University's Center for Graduate Studies, according to Carroll spokeswoman Claire Beglinger.

Graduate programs offered at the center include physical therapy, physician assistant, education, software engineering and business administration. Beglinger said the building is also used for other classes, conferences, meetings and events by a wide variety of community groups.

Carroll bought the Davidson Road property containing the former call center building and the tower in 2009. AT&T still has access rights to the tower and its microwave technology. When those rights expire six years from now, Carroll may consider tearing down the tower, Beglinger said.

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