Waukesha named 8th most optimistic city in America

Singles survey shows city residents look on the bright side

Feb. 26, 2013

Milwaukee was named the eighth Manliest City in America in 2011. Milwaukee was also the eighth most popular city for vacationing in the United States. In 2010, both Wisconsin and Milwaukee were ranked eighth for state wide and large city volunteerism respectively. Wisconsin also ranked eighth in a 2009 report of car vs. deer collisions.

Well move over, Milwaukee - Waukesha now has its own eighth place ranking. In 2013, Waukesha brought home a proud eighth place - in optimism.

In a Chemistry.com report of the Top 10 Most Optimistic Cities in America, Waukesha, Wisconsin made the list among cities in California, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona and Illinois.

In a personality survey taken by 10 million singles associated with Chemistry.com, each participant was asked the question "I'm more optimistic than most people." The top 10 cities were chosen as those who had the most "yes" responses.

Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and scientific adviser to Chemistry.com said that while the cities and locations are diverse, optimism often comes from the personalities of those raised in a specific area.

"Why are singles in these cities so optimistic? They undoubtedly have some common past experience," Fisher said.

Fisher explained many optimists are explorers, or natural optimists who are expressive. Secondarily, many optimists are actually negotiators who see a big picture and can be more accepting of ethnic, religious, and intellectual diversity.

When asked about Waukesha demographics compared to some other optimistic cities, even Fischer had a sense of humor.

"It's tough being freezing and happy about it - those Californians have it easy!" Fisher said. "But, optimists see life through rose-colored glasses"

Fisher said that allows them to be optimistic regardless of their environment, or frigid cold in Waukesha's case.

When looking at the list of optimistic cities it doesn't take long to notice that while the cities are all notable in size there is no Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis or even Milwaukee on the list.

"Smaller cities tend to have less perils of the big city life - less traffic, lower housing costs and serenity not found inmetropolitan areas - but just close enough where they are able to go to the city if needed," Fisher said. "So it's not a surprise to me that people living in smaller towns have optimistic attitudes as well."

And what about those Waukesha residents that answered no to being optimistic? Fisher provides advice for them, and for anyone who wants to take a share of that number eight spot.

"My advice is - no matter where you live - to expect positive outcomes; then work to reach these goals," Fisher said. "As you adjust your focus on more attainable objectives, you will rejuvenate your optimism. You'll get other perks, too. Friends, relatives, lovers and colleagues all flock to a sunny personality."

So fight out the rest of the winter by bringing a little sunshine to your personality and a smile to your face. After all, you now live in the eighth most optimistic city in America; you have a reputation to uphold.

Sunny side up

\Would you call yourself more optimistic than most people? Chemistry.com compiled the answers to this question to reveal the Top 10 Most Optimistic Cities in America. Culling responses from over 10 million singles who took Chemistry.com's personality test, the dating website shows where singles are the most positive and hopeful about life.

Below is the full list of The Most Optimistic Singles in America:

1 Hoboken, N.J.

2 Redondo Beach, Calif.

3 Santa Fe, N.M.

4 Naperville, Ill.

5 Boca Raton, Fla.

6 Newport Beach, Calif.

7 Mountain View, Calif.

8 Waukesha, Wis.

9 Scottsdale, Arizona

10 Irvine, Calif.


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