How many Valentine's pizzas did Rocky Rococo's sell?

Feb. 19, 2013

A week ago today, the Rocky Rococo's on Silvernail Road had its biggest sales day of the year - on Valentine's Day, a holiday more often associated with boxes of chocolates than with boxes of pizza.

That's because every Valentine's Day, Rocky Rococo's stores sell special heart-shaped pizzas.

Valentine's pizza sold this year came in a heart-shaped box with a heart-shaped balloon attached. Prices started at $11.99 for a cheese pizza. Each customer alsoreceived ascratch-off coupon for a future visit.

Last Thursday, the Silvernail restaurant sold somewhere between 270 and 290 heart-shaped pizzas, along with about 35 large pizzas and 10 t o 12 small pizzas, according to assistant manager Rafael Moreno.

On a more typical Thursday night, the business would usually sell anywhere between 12 and 36 full-sized pizzas. Roughly, that means the business sold around 10 times more pizzas than it usually does.

This year, in an effort to manage the craziness, the restaurant limited the number of pre-orders it accepted to 10 per half-hour slot.

The change helped a lot, Moreno said; last year, a lot of orders were running late, as opposed to this year, when only a few pre-order customers had to wait for any length of time.

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