Waukesha primary in District 1 will eliminate one candidate

Thieme being challenged by familiar foe; newcomer

Feb. 12, 2013

John Holst wants the seat again.

Incumbent Terry Thieme, like he did in 2009, is trying to prevent that from happening. Thieme then ran unopposed in 2010.

And newcomer Mark Myers is trying to crash the party.

Those reasons make the City of Waukesha's District 1 aldermanic race an intriguing one.

But only the top two vote getters from Tuesday's primary will advance to the General Election on April 2.

Waukesha NOW caught up with the three candidates leading up to the election to find out why they feel they should get your vote.

Why are you running and what makes you the ideal candidate?

Thieme: I am running out of a sense of community obligation. As you can see from my past, I have a history of serving my country and the communities I have lived in. Being a former city employee, I know the make up of the city, therefore having insight to better solve issues in my district.

Holst: It's two-fold. No 1, they bulldozed the fire station on (1701) Stardust Drive (last fall) and that was absolutely insane. When it was built in the 80s it was designed that if it was ever vacated it would fit in with the surrounding buildings and it would be sold and that's why it was designed that way. The new station at (1714 Pearl St., which firefighters moved into in December 2011) is very hard to get into and I don't think they'll decrease the time of arrival to places.

It should have been sold and put back on the tax bill. The other issue is, we have to get a grip on taxes. We have to cut spending to keep taxes in check. We are the highest taxed city in the county and fifth highest in the state.

Myers: I am running because I couldn't sit by anymore and watch while our city and schools fail. We have lots of empty buildings and failed businesses and our kids and teachers don't feel safe in our schools. I believe my strong values and moral compass are exactly what we need to make the right decisions for Waukesha

What's the top issue you would tackle in the city if elected and how would you address it?

Thieme: The most important issue facing the citizens of the City of Waukesha and the citizens of District 1 is it's quest for a long term, most sustainable source of water. I am a commissioner on the Waukesha Water Utility. I have fought hard with many hours of research to develop my opinion which would be the best for our current citizens, their children and their grandchildren. I want to make this source available and do it right the first time. I don't want future generations to have to deal with this issue either emotional or financially. Let's spend the money once and do it right the first time.

Holst: It goes back to cutting these expenses in order to cut taxes. With the water, the council approved Lake Michigan water, which is fine, but if all seven of the governors (outside of Wisconsin) do not sign this it will not pass and therefore we have to have Plan B and C, which they don't have. And we're throwing money away like when they hired a head hunter for the police chief when there were plenty of competent people in the department and (Russell) Jack was one of them. (Jack was hired after working with the department since 1990). The money we spent was unnecessary.

Myers: My first thought is for our children. With all the violence in schools we need to turn to our teachers/administrators and use their wisdom and experience. They have knowledge of behaviors and we need to use that to come up with plans on how to keep our kids safe without making our schools run in lockdown mode.

Specifically in District 1, what do people in District 1 want to see be addressed and how would you solve this?

Thieme: I still believe that water for our city is the biggest single issue. However, the main objective for any alderperson is to ensure the quality of the services along with the order and maintenance of their district. An ongoing issue is the maintenance of the medians on Highway 18 along with the terraces. We are collaborating with Waukesha County to develop a mutual agreement for much needed maintenance.

Lastly, one of the more frustrating and hard to deal with issues is the orderly maintenance of a private residence. The key is to be persistent with the city entities involved to effectuate a successful outcome and gain compliance.

Holst: What people are fit to be tied about when I went to get signatures for my nomination papers is that they can't believe the fire station was bulldozed. It is absolutely insane that they would do something.

People are concerned about water rates about how they are increasing at least 25 percent the next five years. I think people should be aware of the water rates. I'm a common sense candidate and most of time we don't see common sense.

Myers: The water issue is really important and needs to be dealt with. There are a number of possible resolutions and we have much more research to do to find the best solution. I think we need to collaborate with other states such as California who have successful conservation programs and look deeper into all options.


Terry Thieme

Age: 56

Address: 1712 Stardust Drive

Years in the district: 21

Occupation: Team Coordinator, Kohl’s Credit Center

Education: Associate Degree Waukesha County Technical College, Bachelors Degree Mount Senario College

Previous political experience or other related experience: Was appointed by the Common Council to Alderman (District 1) in 2008; Was elected District 1 Alderman in 2009; Retired police officer, City of Waukesha and also served the communities of the City of Jefferson and Town of Beloit

Military experience: Served in the United States Marine Corps from 1976 to 1990; Lifetime member of VFW Post 3589

Family: Wife (Karen), three adult children

Contact information (phone number, email): (262) 524-1627, tthieme@sbcglobal.net

John Holst

Age: 73

Address: 2051 Highland Ave.

Years in the district: 45

Occupation: Home improvement contractor, J. Holst Contractors

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from Carroll University; Continued education at WCTC for real estate license and seminars for contractor’s license

Previous political experience or other related experience: Past president of Saratoga Elementary School PTA and of Springstead Lake Association in Mercer

Military experience: None

Family: Single, two adult children

Contact information: (262) 542-8798

Mark Myers

Age: 44

Address: 1922 Ruben Drive

Years in the district: 6

Occupation: Non Denominational Pastor/Para-Educator

Education: Masters in Biblical Studies in 2012 from Midwest Bible College in Milwaukee and currently enrolled Grace Seminary in Milwaukee

Previous political experience or other related experience: No political experience, but volunteers at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. For almost five years, ministered to the homeless in the Milwaukee area

Military experience: None

Family: Wife (Randi) and two teenage children

Contact information: (414) 731-5225, markmyersforalderman@gmail.com



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