Paulson won't seek re-election as a Waukesha alderman

Published on: 11/29/2012

While nine aldermen will look to retain their seats on the Common Council next April, Alderman Duane Paulson announced on Wednesday that he will not seek re-election.

Paulson represents the city's 15th District.

He said he is making his decision with “some regrets” but added “contributing to my decision is situations that require more of my time, and this in turn competes with time for city business. It has been an enjoyable experience to represent the citizens of the 15th (District).”

Paulson, who began serving on the Common Council in 2010, is also a supervisor on the Waukesha County Board. His term on the County board is up in 2014.

He cited his most successful decision as alderman was when he came out immediately and “forcefully” against the $136 garbage fee that was initially proposed by Mayor Jeff Scrima during last year’s budget process.

Paulson also said that he made good on a campaign promise of supporting Lake Michigan water to be Waukesha’s supplier. He added that a minor accomplishment was getting property owners a little more support with Landmark designations.

Paulson also referred to his referendum for a part-time mayor last year as a “non accomplishment.”

“I could never get past the fact that many wanted to make this about a person not about the position,” Paulson said.

Candidates can start circulating nomination papers for Paulson’s district as well as the other nine districts Dec. 1.

Besides District 15, the districts that have an election are District 1 (Terry Thieme, current alderman), District 4 (Joe Pieper, Council President), District 5 (Paul Ybarra), District 6 (Adam Jankowski, his is a one-year term to finish out Alderman Brian White’s regular three-year term. White died in May), District 8 (Vance Skinner), District 9 (Kathleen Cummings), District 11 (Roger Patton), District 12 (Richard Hastings) and District 14 (Joan Francoeur).