Resident decries Town Board's bickering at meeting

Hamm calls actions by members 'frivolous'

Nov. 27, 2012

Public comments at city and town hall meetings are often about a topic to be discussed at that meeting. These individuals try to make a last-minute effort before a vote is taken for an item on the agenda, while getting the council or board members' attention.

Sandy Hamm's comments certainly did so.

The Town of Waukesha resident talked for more than 10 minutes at a recent Town Board meeting and addressed the fire equipment purchase, the Town Board's actions during meetings and more.

"I'm very concerned that this equipment is something we can do without," Hamm said in a prepared speech about the Jaws of Life purchase. "If the number of expected uses per year is just a few or a low number than I think alternatives should be pursued.

"You folks are tripping all over yourself in silly, frivolous efforts to advance yourself politically and I am tired of it," Hamm said. "Watching this group's interplay over the last two years has been discouraging, to say the least."

Specific allegations

He specifically addressed Supervisors Everett German and Brian Fischer calling their actions "two-faced" when dealing with people in public vs. private. He said he is a witness and victim of their "duplicity."

"Your constituents have grown weary of your antics," Hamm said.

He told Fischer "nearly every time you speak it sounds as if you consider yourself some benevolent grandfather imparting knowledge to his grandchildren and other lesser individuals who should sit doe-eyed gazing up at you as you grace them with your soliloquies.

"You talk down to your fellow board members and the public and it's demeaning. Like preaching to us about what is reasonable from the dictionary (referencing an August Town Board meeting on the Five Diamonds lights issue). Why are you intent on wasting our time? Is it to demean us or to inflate your own ego or both. Or are you just out of control?"

Better things to do

He also accused Fischer of sitting at his "bully pulpit" during meetings when he should come to the microphone as a citizen.

Regarding German's allegations about open meetings and open records violations, the vocal resident said, "I find it disheartening that you would spend time, energy and money on this. It's wrong. It's nothing more than frivolous, political harassment. There must be other better things you can do as our town supervisor."

He pleaded with the five town board members to put their differences aside.

"While I find fault with a couple more than others, nothing is one-sided," Hamm said. "Stop the bickering or you'll surely outgrow your usefulness.

"For now, do your jobs, don't spend your time harassing and undermining each other. Just make proposals, make motions, discuss matters, vote and be done with that."


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