Cancer fundraiser is good dirty fun

Dirty Girl Mud Run set to hit Expo Center

Participants in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Johnson Creek last year scale a wall at the end of the race.

Participants in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Johnson Creek last year scale a wall at the end of the race. Photo By Carol Spaeth-Bauer

July 31, 2012

Forget what your mom told you about not messing up your dress and get ready to get down and dirty with the Dirty Girl Mud Run, scheduled to hit Waukesha on Aug. 18 and 19 at the Waukesha County Expo Center.

The event is the first Dirty Girl Mud Run to be held in Waukesha, and will raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Dirty Girl Mud Run Series was launched in January 2010.

"It was started to provide women of all fitness levels a fun-filled event where they could share good times with their sisters, mothers, daughters, co-workers and friends," said Caroline Baumgartner, publicity and public relations for Dirty Girl Mud Run.

Participants work their way through a non-timed, 5K obstacle course, which takes most women between 35 minutes to 75 minutes to complete.

The first obstacle is the H20MG Water Pit where participants traverse a mud-filled, knee-deep culvert.

Next is The Hangover, a series of hanging tires that participants run, crawl, hop, skip or dance through. Dirty Girls climb sequentially higher bales of hay and descend back down through the Barn Burner hay bale climb.

The Loop de Loop requires participants to weave their way through a maze of tires, before getting to the Tire Pump, a field of tires women have to high-step through.

If you can't do it alone, you might ask a friend to give you a boost to Just Get Over It during the 8-foot wall climb. Moving on, Dirty Girls channel their pre-toddler phase as they crawl through some muddy fun-ness in the Utopian Tubes tunnel crawl.

Challenge yourself with a climb up and down a cargo net in the Get a Grip obstacle.

Face One Ugly Mudder, a mud hill scale and descent that Dirty Girls pull themselves up with the help of ropes.

Don't get caught on Jail Break, the obstacle where Dirty Girls have to jump a fence.

Rounding the last obstacle, women will have to grind their teeth through a bit of PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff). Women will crawl through a mud-filled trench and earn a sense of accomplishment they won't be able to wash off.

"The obstacles are designed for Dirty Girls to challenge themselves, while feeling safe," explained Baumgartner. Participants can make the obstacles as hard or easy as they wish and all obstacles can be "opted out of" if the participants so choose. "Our primary focus in designing the obstacles is safety and fun," she added.

Baumgartner explained that the Dirty Girl Mud Run is not a fitness-based fundraiser.

"It is an experience for women to come out of their comfort zones and share some good, unclean fun," said Baumgartner. "Along the way, women discover things about themselves and their teammates that they never knew and leave with a sense of empowerment and satisfaction knowing their efforts have helped others too."

The Dirty Girl Mud Run donates 2.5 percent of proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and facilitates fundraising for the participants.

A muddy history

The Dirty Girl Mud Run debuted in 2011 to a field of 6,000 energetic, fun-loving women in Wisconsin

"Our first event was an incredible preview for the amazing amount of passion we've encountered since Dirty Girl kicked off," Baumgartner said.

In 2011, approximately 13,000 women participated in one of three Dirty Girl Mud Runs. That same year, Dirty Girl donated $50,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

"This year we're well on our way to surpassing our $250,000 goal," Baumgartner added.

The event has drawn so much attention that the Waukesha event is being held over two days just to accommodate the large number of participants.


Here's how you can sign up for Waukesha Dirty Girl Mud Run at the Waukesha Expo Center.

To participate on Aug. 18, visit:

To participate on Aug. 19, visit:


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