Waukesha man arrested after pointing a gun at another person outside home

Published on: 8/21/2014

A 63-year-old Waukesha man was arrested after a tactical situation shut down a Waukesha neighborhood earlier this week.

Lt. Joe Hendricks said the man pointed a long gun at an adult victim on Monday, Aug. 18, in the 300 block of Western Avenue, just north of Lowell Park and east of Waukesha North High School.

Hendricks said the Waukesha Police Department has referred charges to the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office for disorderly conduct of endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon.

But Hendricks said as of Thursday afternoon charges have not been filed. 

According to the police blotter, a 12-year-old boy was walking home from football practice when he saw an older man exit a house with a rifle at 7:58 p.m. Monday.

A vehicle, occupied by a man and a woman in their 20s, was in the driveway at the time.

The vehicle drove off and headed southbound after the older man came out of the house with a rifle.

The man, while screaming at the person in the vehicle at the time, then pointed the gun at the person. 

Another person across the street saw the man point a shotgun down the street and say “Come on, come on.”

The man was reportedly not wearing any pants when he exited the house with a gun.

The police blotter indicated the suspect had been drinking all day.

Upon police arrival, police met with a woman at the residence who said her father was now inside with a shotgun.

Waukesha County's armored vehicle, the Bearcat, was called to the scene as were more law enforcement.

Police surrounded the home and communicated with the man to surrender. But the man did not surrender until his son spoke with him by phone more than an hour after the incident began.

The man eventually came out peacefully at 9:01 p.m. and was taken into custody.     

Hendricks said the charges were referred to the DA because the man pointed some type of long gun at another adult.

There were no injuries and no shots were fired.