Waukesha police called to apartment because man says neighbor talking, showering 'too loud'

Published on: 8/14/2014

You might often hear your neighbors' conversations when living in an apartment.

In one instance last week in Waukesha, this resulted in a call to police.

According to the police blotter, a man called police to report his neighbor was talking and showering too loud at an apartment at 323 Born Place around 11:30 p.m. Aug. 4.

The caller said he felt it was an unreasonable time for people to be awake.

Police told the man this is a consequence of apartment living. Police also told the man that if this was an ongoing issue he should contact his landlord but no law enforcement action could be taken for what he was reporting.

When police arrived to the apartment, the window to the apartment in question was open but police did not hear any noise.

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