Waukesha Police Report: July 31, 2014 issue

Published on: 7/28/2014

1 A vehicle was reportedly "slimed" with mustard at 315 E. Wabash Ave. overnight July 17-18.

2 A trailer hitch, diesel fuel and a Vermont license plate was stolen from a vehicle at 318 Darlene Drive at 9:35 a.m. July 18.

3 A women's engagement ring and her deceased husband's wedding band were stolen from her house at 258 N. Moreland Blvd. prior to 2:34 p.m. July 18.

4 A caller reported a woman was screaming and things being thrown around in an apartment at 167 N. Moreland Blvd. at 12:31 a.m. July 19. Police found a birthday party celebration. Police told the residents were told to keep the music down.

5 Police were called to deal with an intoxicated 25-year-old man, who was out of control and throwing things off the balcony, and who was bleeding from an unknown injury, at an apartment at 100 E. Main St. just before 4 a.m. July 19.

6 Two windows were vandalized at 250 W. Main St. prior to 8:34 a.m. July 19.

7 A PT Cruiser pulled into the Woodman's parking lot, 1600 E. Main St., around 11:25 a.m. July 19 and was swerving in and out of the lanes, cutting people off and the driver appeared to be smoking narcotics out of a pipe. The passenger had a hat on that said "blunt" and had liquor in her hand.

8 A grill's propane tank was stolen from a residence at 316 Walton Ave. prior to 3:05 p.m. July 19.

9 A caller said as he was driving at 1445 Garfield Ave. just before 8 p.m. July 19 a male intentionally threw a soccer ball at his windshield. The caller stopped his truck and a group of 15-20 males, all of whom were drinking, surrounded his car and threatened him. One of the males punched his truck. The men at this residence denied any wrongdoing.

10 A couple that was reportedly fighting at 151 E. St. Paul Ave. at 8:47 p.m. July 19. Police learned that the man and woman, who were both heavily intoxicated, were fighting over what song to dance to at the Salty Toad in downtown Waukesha earlier in the night. The man's story, however, changed multiple times.

11 A 19-year-old woman said her mother took her belongings and left in her car at 533 Brasted Place around 8:50 p.m. July 19. Earlier, the two had a physical fight, where the mom allegedly threw a jar of disinfectant wipes at her daughter.

12 Two women had to be separated after a physical fight at Bosco's Social Club, 260 W. Main St., around 1:40 a.m. July 20.

13 A side panel of a vehicle was scratched at 232 Collins St. overnight July 19-20.

14 A vehicle's front passenger window was shot by a BB or pellet gun at 318 W. Wabash Ave. overnight July 19-20.

15 A man's motorized red Huffy bike was stolen from a residence at 717 Motor Ave. overnight July 19-20.

16 Police responded to a domestic disturbance at 316 Baird St. around 12:15 p.m. July 20 after a man said his wife punched him under the right eye. However, the man was uncooperative and the woman said she was abused by her husband, adding "I am going to sit in my hot car and die."

17 A group of juveniles were swimming in the river near the fountain on the corner of Corrina Boulevard and North Barstow Street around 1:15 p.m. July 20.

18 A man's ex-girlfriend came to his apartment at 303 Mountain Ave. and began throwing herself against the wall and hitting him with her heels at 1:30 p.m. July 20. The woman also had a knife and at one point said she would cut herself.

19 A woman said she found a razor blade taped to the bottom of her hamburger box that she bought from the Clark Gas Station, 304 N. Grand Ave., just before 8 p.m. July 20. The gas station clerk did not know how the razor blade became attached to the box. The clerk was advised to check the rest of the boxes before selling them.

20 Police were called after a 30-year-old woman got into a fight with her mother over the use of air conditioning at their residence at 401 N. Greenfield Ave. around 8:55 p.m. July 20.

21 A person was found sleeping under a resident's spruce tree at 1839 Haymarket Road at 4:32 a.m. July 21. Police told the person to leave.

22 A man was driving around the municipal parking ramp, 241 South St., at 4:20 p.m. July 21 holding an electronic key fob out his black Honda Civic window trying to see what cars it unlocks.

23 A woman's vehicle was littered with eggs while she was working from 5 to 7 p.m. July 21 at 730 S. University Drive.

24 A woman found two condom wrappers after returning to her apartment at 1001 Delafield St. at 11:39 p.m. July 21.

25 A caller complained about a loud TV in the backyard at 232 Frame Ave. at 1:52 a.m. July 22. Police found a man watching a movie in the backyard on a projection screen. The man agreed to finish the movie in his home.

26 A tree and flag holder inside Prairie Home Cemetery, 605 S. Prairie Ave., was damaged after a girl, who was learning how to drive from her mother, lost control of the vehicle prior to 9:21 a.m. July 22. The car also crashed into some headstones. The girl's mother was cooperative with police and cemetery staff will seek payment for the damages.

27 Four tires were stolen from a pickup truck in the parking lot of Skateland, 1931 E. Main St., prior to 9:35 a.m. July 22. The vehicle was owned by the nearby Boucher Buick GMC.

28 A vehicle's rear window was broken and items were stolen at 128 Hinman Ave. prior to 1:48 p.m. July 22.

29 Marco's Pizza employees were physically holding down a man who they caught going through one of their vehicles at 507 N. East Ave. around 7:50 p.m. July 22. The suspect, in his early 20s, was bleeding from his nose.

30 Police were called to a domestic disturbance at 157 Third St. around 11:30 p.m. July 22 for a woman continuing to punch and strike a man.