Culver's on Highway 164 in Waukesha will open Jan. 30

Published on: 1/24/2014

The new Culver's restaurant at 1650 E. Main St. on Waukesha's northeast side will open on Jan. 30.

With the opening, the Culver's at 1720 Highway 164 that is sandwiched between car dealerships will close on Sunday.

The new Culver's is the first of many small outlots that will be located on the Woodman's Food Market property.

Construction on the 4,035-square-foot Culver's began in early fall.

Woodman's opened last summer and Culver's got approved shortly after.

The second retail/business for the Woodman's property is Waukesha State Bank, which was approved for just south of Culver's at 1640 E. Main St. Construction hasn't started yet for the bank. 

In October, the city approved Wilde Subaru's request (1710 Highway 164) for a two-lot certified survey map of 10.78 acres of land to expand into the old Culver's location.