Plan Commission approves preliminary plans for Waukesha State Bank

Published on: 10/9/2013

Waukesha State Bank received preliminary approval by the Waukesha Plan Commission to move to the new Woodman's property on Wednesday at City Hall.

While it still has to get final approval, it appears it will join Culver's as one of the future outlots at Woodman's, 1600 E. Main St.

Woodman's, on the city's northeast side, opened earlier this summer and can hold up to eight outlots. 

The proposed Waukesha State Bank would be located at 1640 E. Main St. Culver's is moving from its nearby location on Highway 164.

In other Plan Commission items, the Meijer development, which was up for final approval, was put on hold.

A 192,000-square-foot Meijer supercenter and 2,500-square-foot gas station is part of the plan at the southeast corner of Tenny Avenue and E. Sunset Drive.

The project has received backlash from nearby neighbors but it has moved forward at the Plan Commission and Common Council level.

The Plan Commission also approved the change in comprehensive plan and land use plan for the properties at the northwest corner of W. Sunset and S. Prairie Ave. from industrial to commercial and residential.

Owners of two lots in this area, currently in the Town of Waukesha, are looking to annex into the City of Waukesha. One is for a potential Dunkin' Donuts that had been previously denied by the Town of Waukesha because drive-throughs aren't allowed at this location. The other owner seeking annexation is at St. Vincent de Paul of Waukesha County.

The change to commercial makes this property uniform with other properties on Sunset Drive, said Jeff Fortin, community development specialist.

The city's Plan Commission also made way for a proposed crematorium at 1110 S. Grand Ave., site of Randle-Dable Funeral Home.

At the request of Passages Cremation Service, this property was rezoned to institutional, which was needed for a crematorium.  

The Plan Commission also approved a request from the Southwest Volleyball Club to operate a recreational facility at 1260 S. West Ave.