Miller will request a recount in Waukesha's District 11 aldermanic election

Published on: 4/5/2013

Eight votes were all that separated Roger Patton, the incumbent, and his challenger Lenny Miller in Tuesday’s District 11 aldermanic election.

Given the razor-thin margin, 202 votes to 194, Miller said Friday that he will request a recount.

“With it being so close, I just want to rule out any errors or voter machine malfunctions,” Miller said. “Every vote counts.”

The votes must be canvassed, which will be done on Monday, City of Waukesha Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Gina Kozlik said.

Miller will then send a recount petition to the clerk’s office.

The recount will cost Miller $25 at $5 per ward.

Kozlik said the city was still counting late absentee ballots as of Friday but only one came from that district.

“There were no problems on election day and I don’t anticipate a change,” Kozlik said. “But we certainly expected a recount when it was that close.”

If the vote stands, it will mark the second straight win for Patton over Miller. Patton, a retired minister, defeated Miller in 2010.

However, of all the races in Waukesha that were challenged this year, District 11 was the closest by far.

“I was surprised (by the outcome),” Miller said. “Before the election, I was knocking on doors for two weeks and the message I was getting was that they’d vote for me. They were glad someone else was running. So I’m surprised and disappointed.”

There was a 16.6 voter turnout in District 11, the fourth lowest in the city.