‘Skimming device’ found at Waukesha bank ATM

Published on: 2/12/2013
Have you used the ATM at the U.S. Bank at 2040 Silvernail Road lately?
Then check your bank account because someone may be stealing your money.
An ATM technician discovered a “skimming device” used to capture peoples’ card information on the ATM. Waukesha Police were notified Saturday and confirmed that the skimmer insert had been placed over the card reader. They also found a blue bar on top of the machine that contained a pinhole camera that recorded PINs punched into the keypad.
A technician from Diebold determined the ATM was compromised because the card reader did not light up when a card was inserted. He said the blue bar with the pinhole camera was a slightly lighter blue than the machine.
It is not known how long the device had been in place. Police said it is very rare to find the devices in Waukesha.
Customers are advised to look for anything unusual at the ATM card slot and to use their hand as a shield when entering PINs. They should notify the bank immediately if they find anything unusual on their bank statements.
The police are investigating the incident.