City of Waukesha favored Romney, Thompson in 2012 election

Published on: 11/7/2012

Not many voters in the City of Waukesha split their ticket when voting in this election. 

Those who supported the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan for the presidential election also gave their vote to Tommy Thompson in the US Senate.

Of the 36,219 votes in the City of Waukesha, 21,348 went to Romney/Ryan or 57.8 percent.

The winning Democratic ticket of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden garnered 15,113 votes in the City of Waukesha or 40.9 percent. That is a difference of 6,235 votes.

For the US Senate seat, which US Rep. Tammy Baldwin won, Thompson with 57.9 percent of the vote took home 20,961 votes compared to Baldwin's 14,246 or 39.3 percent. It's a difference of 6,715. 

And in both elections, the GOP won 34 of the 39 wards in the City of Waukesha. The wards that the Republican Party did not win were in Wards 18, 25, 26, 28 and 29.

Most of those margins, especially in the US Senate race, were small (under 100 votes and some were in the single digits).

On the other hand, the Republican tickets won by significant margins in the other wards - most were by 100 or more with some by 300 to 400 vote margins.

In particular, though, Ward 36 (on the city's northwest side) favored the GOP by more than 700 votes in both elections.

As a county, Romney/Ryan garnered more support than the city getting 66.9 percent of the vote. Obama/Biden had 32.1 percent.

Thompson also received more support for the entire county (66.4 percent) than what the city gave him. Baldwin got 31.4 percent for the county.