Pair charged in 2009 fatal overdose

Published on: 2/2/2011

After a long night of partying with vodka, Red Bull, Xanax and marijuana, Mallory Feldmann and her friends decided to finish it off with some Oxycontin about five in the morning.

They slept till noon. Except for Feldmann, 22,  of Greendale, who never woke up.

This week, authorities in Waukesha County charged Feldmann's friend and a Waukesha man with supplying the fatal painkiller back in August 2009. Feldmann died several months after Whitefish Bay teen's overdose death that prompted a special Journal Sentinel series, Prescription for Tragedy.

Adam Clark J. Clark, 31, of Waukesha, and Megan L. Mikush, 25, of Milwaukee, face charges of first-degree reckless homicide in Feldmann's death.

According to the criminal complaint:

Mikush and Clark had gone out Aug. 14, a Friday, to celebrate his 30th birthday. After dinner, they picked up Feldman and went to a bar in Milwaukee. Along the way they met up with another friend of Feldmann's. Everyone was intoxicated, but because Clark had a prior arrest for drunken driving, Mikush called one of his friends to take him home around midnight.

Mikush told police Feldmann had snorted some Xanax, an anti-depressant, during the evening.

The three women stayed until bar time, and then were headed to Pewaukee, where they planned to jet-ski later that day at Mikush's parents' house. But they stopped at Clark's condo in the 2800 block of Lincolnshire Court in Waukesha where they smoked some marijuana, then crushed and snorted the Oxycontin.

Clark told police he bought the drugs at the bar for $200, as a gift to the women who said they wanted to use some "oxies."  Mikush told police she had used Feldmann's phone to text Clark about getting some Oxycontin. She told police her friends wanted the drug, but she figured Clark would only get some if it appeared she wanted it.

The complaint, issued Tuesday, does not explain the long delay between the investigation and charges being filed. Waukesha Police, who handled the case, nor Waukesha County prosecutors, could not be reached during the blizzard Wednesday.

According to online court records, bail for Clark and Mikush was set at $10,000 each.