Do You Have Faith in Your Tree Service?

The old Webster’s dictionary defines faith as being firm to ones promises; contracts and of being worthy of confidence and belief. At Wachtel Tree Science, we work as a team to build and maintain your faith in us as leaders in the tree care industry.

We place a strong emphasis on communication. Anyone on our staff who sees your trees, or speaks with you makes certain important matters, concerns, or information is addressed.

We have a high level of education, knowledge, and experience within Wachtel. We currently have 27 Certified Arborists and 3 Board Certified Master Arborists on staff. On going education and training is always taking place. This runs the gamut from formal course work in tree care and diagnostics to “tailgate” sessions on safety and operations.

We are proud to be one of the first tree care companies in the country accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Ethics, quality, and consumer confidence is what this accreditation is based on. Business practices; insurance; training & certification; compliance with standards, regulations and safety practices; as well as consumer satisfaction are all reviewed.

Proper diagnosis of tree care needs and plant health issues is the basis of our operation. Without a proper diagnosis or evaluation, it is impossible to provide the correct treatment or action to improve and maintain your trees. We provide the correct treatment at the proper time and if not warranted or it is not the proper time, we will inform you.

Our goal is healthy trees by providing quality tree care and service to our customers. Thank you for the faith you have put in us!

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