A Happy Fourth to All!

Published on: 6/29/2010

We at HAWS wish you and your entire family - including your pets - a safe, happy Fourth of July holiday!

But there are concerns during all the fun times:  fireworks and thunderstorms can stress some animals to the point of panic. While some find a great indoor hiding place under a bed or in the bathtub, others may injure themselves by jumping through screen doors or windows. 

We see lots more stray dogs coming into our shelter, and receive many more lost reports during severe weather and holiday celebrations including fireworks shows.  You can avoid the worry of a lost pet!

Here are some basics to remember:

  • Leave your pet at home, even if it is used to going places with you.
  • Leave your pet in an area of your home where it will be safe, comfortable and sheltered from any outside noise and lights. Turn on the air conditioning or a fan for background noise.
  • Be sure to put away anything that can be damaged or might harm your pet if chewed.
  • Never leave pets outside and unattended, even in a fenced-in yard.
  • Make sure your pet has identification tags, or better yet, a microchip. Microchips are available at HAWS, 7 days a week.
  • Consider having someone stay home with your pet during fireworks shows, especially if you will be away for several days on vacation.

If your pet goes missing, don't give up hope!  Call us at 262-542-8851 or stop by to see if you pet has made it to our safe haven.

And, to help dog owners make sure this summer is fun-filled and not stress-laden, Claudeen McAuliffe’s booklet "The Big Bang: How You Can Help Your Dog Cope with Storm and Noise Fears," is available at HAWS.  Pick up your copy today!

By the way - summer fun abounds at HAWS, at home, on the road!  Be safe wherever you are with your pet:  Keep your pet leashed (or safe at home - see above), always have water available for BOTH of you, stay in the shade or use sunscreen (seriously, some dogs need it, too - check with your vet!)...plan ahead to have a great time that will make many great memories to look back on when it snows again!