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Established in 1965, HAWS assists over 6,000 animals and welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors annually. As an "open admissions" shelter we lead the community in animal welfare and assure sanctuary for all animals in need, regardless of age, health or temperament. HAWS is a non-profit, entirely donor-fund organization with an active humane education program, and both wildlife and companion animal rescue services for Waukesha County.

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Annie's Fund: Insurance for the Future

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For the past few months, HAWS has been raising money for Annie’s Fund, the medical assistance program for homeless pets. Along the way we’ve shared stories of dogs, cats, rabbits – animals that look to HAWS for help.

Our goal for the Annie’s Fund campaign this spring has been to raise $10,000. With those funds readily available, we can jump in without hesitation to help the animals that come to HAWS needing special medical care.

Bear the rescued Chow and human sister, Madison.We are so fortunate that our community has always been responsive to our pleas for help. Whenever we’ve needed help, YOU have generously stepped forward with your support. It makes us proud and confident that we can continue to serve the needs of the pets and people of the Waukesha County area.

So why do a fundraiser when there isn’t a particular, specific need?

It never fails…we think we’re in a “quiet” stretch and then WHAMMO! Emergency! Last spring we had both a cat hoarding situation and dog rescue – within weeks of each other. Emergencies happen when you least expect them…or can least afford to deal with them. While insurance covers disasters and accidents, there’s no insurance for the types of animal care situations we face at HAWS. So Annie’s Fund works like insurance for HAWS; ready when we need it, available so we can take action immediately.

We’re not quite to our $10,000 goal – we’ve raised $7,000 and still need $3,000. In the last few weeks of our official fundraising campaign, we’re asking for that final push to get us over the top. So we can help the animals get over their pain – and get going with their happy lives.

Please give today!

By the way – we’re getting ever closer to our 31st Annual Pet Walk! Join us at Sussex Village Park on May 3rd…and join in the fundraising online right now!

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